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ArtistScan Fine Art Scanning
Paradigm Imaging Group utilizes the latest in large format scanning technology to produce the highest quality digital images from fine art. The ArtistScan fine art scanner is capable of producing images that capture all of the definition and subtleties, from brush stroke texture to deep shadow detail. The ArtistScan can capture images up to 3600 dpi with an optical resolution of 600 dpi from art as large as 36 x 72 in size.


We strive to ensure your artwork is handled with the utmost in care. Our goal is absolute sensitivity to the needs of each piece of art we scan. Since 1989, we have scanned hundreds of thousands of valuable historic documents and fine art from all over the United States without incident. 

Color Management

We maintain state of the art color management using an ICC profiled workflow. If color accuracy is critical and you are unfamiliar with ICC profiles and color management, you should seek the assistance of a knowledgeable graphics professional who is experienced with color imaging. Paradigm Imaging provides this service.

Digital File Optimizing

Pigments and dyes used in artwork are used in virtually infinite variety. Scanners or photography are not capable of capturing color exactly as the eye sees it in the original artwork. Graphic professionals routinely adjust or optimize the colors in a scan to achieve the most accurate color reproduction. The complexity of file optimizing varies from easy to difficult depending on the dyes and pigments in the original artwork and the printing device being used. Regardless, all files must be optimized to some extent. Paradigm Imaging will endeavor to achieve accurate color capture. Further optimization may be required to achieve accurate color output for a specific device.

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