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Large Format Scanners

Paradigm Imaging Group offers the broadest range of large format scanners covering the full spectrum of professional scanning applications, including engineering or technical drawings, blueprints, detailed maps, architectural renderings, satellite images, full-color graphics, photography, fine art or fragile documents. We offer affordable professional large format scanning solutions with optimized performance and imaging technology ranging from 25" to 56" wide.

Paradigm proudly offers large format scanners from Graphtec, Colortrac, Kurabo, and Contex, the leading global manufacturers of large format scanning solutions offering state-of-the-art technology to meet the diverse needs of today's professional users.


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SmartLF Series Wide Format Scanners

Colortrac SmartLF CIS & CCD Large Format Scanners.

SmartLF Series Wide Format Scanners:

SmartLF SC 25" Xpress Series

SmartLF SC 36" Xpress Series

SmartLF SC 42" Xpress Series

SmartLF SG 36/44" Series



Graphtec CSX Series Large Format Scanners

Graphtec Professional Large Format Scanners featuring brand NEW Luxios™ color engine.

Graphtec CSX Series Large Format Scanners:

CS500-06 24" Desktop Scanner

DT530-09 36" Desktop Scanner

CSX550-09 36" Scanner



WideTek Flatbed Large Format Scanners

ROWE 55" & 60" Large Format Scanners

ROWE i850 55 Series

ROWE i850T 55T Thick Series

ROWE i850 60 Series

ROWE i850 60T Thick Series




WideTek Flatbed Large Format Scanners

WideTEK - Fast, High Resolution Flatbed Scanners

WideTek Flatbed Large Format Scanners:

WideTek12  12.5" x 18.5" Flatbed Scanner

WideTek25  25" x 18.5" Flatbed Scanner



Kurabo Flatbed Large Format Scanners

Kurabo Large Format 24"x36" Flatbed Scanner.

Kurabo Flatbed Large Format Scanners:

K-IS-A1FW 24"x36" Flatbed Scanner

K-IS-A0FW 36"x50" Flatbed Scanner



Contex Large Format Scanners

Contex Large Format Large Format Scanners.

Contex Large Format Scanners:

Contex HD 5400

Contex HD Ultra

Contex IQ2490

Contex IQ4400

Contex SD3600