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VB Clean

VB-Clean is a high speed black and white image processor designed for production scanning applications. VB-Clean can batch process A - J size documents where deskew, crop, despeckle, or rotation functions need to be performed simultaneously. VB-Clean also includes advanced features for more specialized image processing requirements.

Turn This...

Raster Processor

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Raster Vector Software


  • Batch Processing - Supports high-speedimage processing with multiple operations.
  • Rotation - Change portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Deskew - Straightens most 300 dpi images in less than 2 second on a Pentium 100 Mhz PC; handles up to 20% skew.
  • Intelligent Crop - Removes excess margins around titleblocks and borders.
  • Scaling - Change or correct scaling problems in drawings or images from aperture card scanners.
  • Line Removal - Removes lines from forms and documents without the need for “learning” or templates.
  • Sub-Image Processing - Splits out sub-images for separate processing.


  • De-Shade - Removes dot-shaded zones and stray specks from anywhere on the page.
  • Character Completion and Smoothing - Repairs faint or broken characters.
  • Processing Speed - Extremely fast image manipulation and correction, all done in software.
  • Image File Format Support - Supports a variety of image formats, plus those created by major forms processing applications.

Attention Service Bureaus!

Would you like to add revenue AND decrease costs with your next scanning project? That's exactly what VB-Clean software is designed to do. It's simple to use, processes files in batch or unattended mode and provides a billable service using your current computer equipment during “off-peak” hours. Make money while you sleep!