SID XL 2513 Laser Engraver


  • Cutting Area 96” x 52” (2,400 x 1,330 mm)
  • 150W Laser Tube Power
  • Up to 12″/s (300 mm/s)
  • Engraving Speed Up to 16″/s (400 mm/s)
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

Expand your services and enhance production with the SID XL 2513 Laser

The new SID XL 2513 has been designed to maximize productivity. Its powerful 150W laser provides ample power for heavy cutting loads and high-throughput for engraving. Its industrial flatbed design offers both stability and productivity with its large-format 96” x 52” cutting area.

All aspects of the SID XL 2513 have been manufactured for long-lasting performance. The high quality steel strip belt and ball screw transmission ensure X/Y positional accuracy of 0.01 mm.