Scan Master PRO Color

Enhanced with various editing functions, Scanning Master Pro Color features a comprehensive set of correction functions, color/text/selected range editing functions, and data management functions that facilitate information sharing. This versatile software is used with GIS and CALS/EC editing applications.

Easy Data Correction

Despeckling, deskewing, 4-pointcorrection, and linking multiple sheets of data are just a few of the various correction functions required after scanning color or monochrome data. All are easily handled by Scanning Master Pro Color.

Full Data Editing Capabilities for Easy Data Correction and Erasure

Enables color consistency based on the colors in the original data and enables extracting partial data and editing data, while the broad range of text tools makes it easy to process drawings.

Easy Data Management and Sharing

The tree and thumbnail view data management system supports various formats and lets you confirm file locations at a glance, facilitating sharing of scanned and/or edited data among various applications. Also includes a comprehensive search function.