Smartworks Touch

The right software for in-house scanning

The new SmartWorks TOUCH has extended functionality while reducing complexity through a single touchscreen interface. Now with added capability to export to 13 file formats and having unlimited scan length capability, SmartWorks TOUCH greatly simplifies the creation and management of scanned files. Other software features include printing archived scan files, adjust and create unlimited presets, will copy to all Windows driver printers, and Online Help for step-by-step explanation of copy functionality. The user experience has been enhanced with having an intuitive, simple-to-use, touch interface that provides real-time scanner status and file information with the software’s single screen control. There is freedom to zoom and pan the image preview and save any modified factory present. The software automates the scan quality with no intervention so the user gets the scan right the first time making this software perfect for in-house scanning.

Helping you capture, enhance, share, copy and preserve large format digital information

SmartWorks TOUCH operation is based around the document type. With this software you can scan, copy, print or email with full image preview and edit control. An efficient, single screen interface groups all controls and scanner information in one place. Use advanced two-finger pinch and flick gestures for zoom, image pan and parameter select on supported touch compatible monitors.

Supported Scanners SmartLF SC 25 Xpress, SmartLF 36 Xpress, SmartLF 42 Xpress
SmartLF Gx+ T56
Supported file formats Multipage PDF and TIFF
Compression is 70% for JPEG, PDF and PDF/A file formats.
Multi-page PDF files not compressed
Document type Sets color mode, dpi, file format and clean-up automatically
color photo, color lines, color document, highlighter, gray photo, gray lines, pencil tracing, bw copy and bw original
Scan to Raster file format (see supported formats), USB memory stick (automatically detected), Email (requires a pre-configured email client)
Scan-Once-Edit  No need to re-scan the document every time an adjustment is required. Reduces image process time and increases productivity (requires preview enabled)
File Naming  User definable with numerical suffix
Color Space sRGB
Copy to Any printer supported by a Windows printer driver. Software uses the default Windows printer driver (select from Windows Control Panel)
Print  Any previewed scan file using the windows printer driver
Batch  Available with scan and copy
Paper sizes  Select automatic paper size detection by scanner or select size manually from ISO (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0), ANSI (A, B, C, D, E, E+), ARCH (A, B, C, D, E, E1) and 30 x 42. Landscape and portrait orientations.
Resolution (optical) 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 1200 dpi
Preview  Scan, copy and print after previewing the original using the chosen document-type. AutoCAD DWF, multi-page and JPEG2000 formats are not printable from this software
Languages  Application: English, French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, German selected automatically to match language of pc operating system
Help: English. Requires internet connection and browser