Paradigm Imaging Group Announces the New Colortrac SC Flex Xpress MFP Systems
Paradigm Imaging Group Announces the New Colortrac SC Flex Xpress MFP Systems
15 Sep 2014

Costa Mesa, CA – September 15, 2014 – Paradigm Imaging Group, the North American distributor for Colortrac, Inc., announces the launch of a brand new MFP product solution:

  • Colortrac SC Flex Xpress MFP Systems with SingleSensor technology with now even faster speeds
  • Adjustable height stand allows the Flex Xpress to be paired with all most any inkjet printer in a “single footprint” configuration.
  • Available in two basic configurations; the Flex Express BASE model provides the option for a user supplied PC or the Flex Express PRO model that includes a powerful Rocket ONE TM Controller with preloaded software.

Freedom to choose:
Do you have an existing printer and are now considering adding a scanner to create a Multi-functional Copier / Scanning solution? Colortrac professional SC Flex Xpress systems will enable you to streamline your workflow and improve productivity by complementing your existing large format printer.
Whenever you need it: scan, copy and print large-format documents with Colortrac’s SC Flex Xpress MFP Systems.
Available in three sizes, 42in, 36in and 25in, this product is an affordable and reliable multi-functional package that exactly fits your printer and your needs, while still giving you a quick return on investment.
The NEW Colortrac SC Flex MFP Systems include the REVOLUTIONARY new SmartLF SC Xpress scanners from Colortrac. With higher quality imaging, higher scanning speed and SuperSpeed data transfer, the Colortrac SC Flex Xpress MFP Systems provide fast, high quality scans or copies of wide format maps, site plans, engineering drawings, blueprints, architectural renderings and many other technical documents.
The Colotrtrac SC Flex MFP systems come equipped with proven SingleSensor technology, a Colortrac invention that combines CIS elements and LEDs in a single line for maximum scan accuracy and optimal illumination. SingleSensor combines the best features of CCD and staggered CIS scanner design in a single-line sensor array that requires virtually no routine maintenance by users, and provides exceptional color and dimensional accuracy, at high definition resolution at ultra fast speeds. The new SC Flex Xpress MFP scanners are capable of speeds up to 12 inches per second in color and 13 inches per second in black and white.
All the SC Flex Systems come equipped with market leading, innovative features:

  • ScanOnce: efficient scanning and copying workflow that gets it right the first time
  • Firefly: Colortrac’s high-speed USB3 interface that allows you to get more done
  • Clearview: innovative dual LED illumination that’s low maintenance and has a low energy footprint
  • Winsync: optimized Windows driver technology that allows you to easily connect Colortrac scanners to your PC

“The Flex is a representation of what Paradigm Imaging Group is all about – giving our customers viable and valuable choices. The ability to utilize the customer’s existing equipment is a key component of the Flex Xpress System, and another example of our customer-driven philosophy,” said Randy Geesman, President of Paradigm Imaging Group.
About Paradigm Imaging Group
Paradigm Imaging Group is a large format solutions provider whose expertise extends from scanning and printing products to imaging systems integration, software development and product distribution. Paradigm counts among its clients companies in reprographics, architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing, as well as numerous public agencies at all levels of government. Since 1989, Paradigm has grown to become a leading distributor of large format scanning and printing solutions.
About Colortrac
Founded in 1989 and based in St Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK, a region of British excellence in science and technology, Colortrac Ltd is the leading innovator in professional wide format color scanners and image acquisition software solutions. They are creating unique solutions to simplify scanning challenges across the full spectrum of applications, ranging from Graphic Arts to CAD, GIS, EDM and FM technical document scanning. Colortrac Ltd has offices in Beijing and Suzhou, P.R. China, in Chantilly, Virginia, USA and in Yokohama, Japan.